Where to Buy Bain Circuit Online

Bain Circuit was originally described by Bain and Spoerel in 1972. It consists of 1.8m long corrugated plastic tubing of 22mm diameter. Through this tubing a narrow tube of roughly 7mm outside diameter is incorporated and it delivers the fresh gas from the anaesthetic machine to the patient end of the circuit. The circuit seems to be a modified T-piece system. An expiratory valve and a reservoir bag may be attached to the machine end to the circuit. In this system the fresh gas flow is always through the inner tube and the patient breathes through the annual space or outer tube.

The Bain circuit provides general anaesthesia in situations, particularly head and neck surgery, where access to the patient is limited. The circuit may be used both in children and adults. It can be used in anaesthesia both with controlled and spontaneous ventilation. Thus the system may be considered as a universal circuit.

Bain Circuit

  • Bain Circuit's structure includes a corrugated tube that is fitted with an expiratory valve, which leads to a tube and then a reservoir bag.
  • We lay emphasis on quality and ensure that the product meets all the applicable standards.
  • Further, we make sure to characterize it by lightweight, ease in handling and sterilizing, durability etc.


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